11 quick and easy tips for taking great landscape photos, by Charlie Waite

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British photographer Charlie Waite is a master of the landscape, from the lakes of Burma to the flower-filled fields of France. Here are his quick, simple tips for taking better landscape photos

1: Give it some soul

alfin Les Saint Claude, France (Charlie Waite)

Don’t let a photograph just be just a record. Try to put some soul into it. Will what you feel have parity with the image you make? That’s what you should be striving for.

2: Fine-tune your sense of observation

harlie Waite in action

Remember: photography’s not about the equipment. It’s about the eye. It’s about perception. It’s about seeing. You make the photograph in your mind before the camera does.

Do what cinematographers do and get two hands into a square or panoramic, and see whether you can fine-tune the image that you are making and omit the redundant. Don’t include the bits that get in the way.

3: Be original

Loch Indaal, Scotland (Charlie Waite)

Try not to be too formulaic. Don’t keep doing the same thing because you know it works. Try to keep visually and mentally agile.

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