13 steps to set the best portrait photography settings

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As you know, there are a lot of settings available for improving your portrait. It’s not easy to make your portrait photography appear clear and perfect. There is many steps to take to get the settings right for the best portrait photography.

Portrait photography settings

The settings of the portrait photography expose the difference between the amateur and professional portrait’s photographers. We will be talking about some steps you can take to maximize your setting options in portrait photography.

Portrait photography settings‬

1. The lens

A great tip is to position the lens so it takes the wider angle of view, and don’t try to capture more subjects from the surroundings, you can choose around 18mm, and 70mm for a telephoto lens, this would be making the background out of focus, so you could make the person under scene better.

2. Reflector

For making your portrait appears with neutral brightness and clearer look, you need to use reflector. This can be similar to using windows indoors or light of the sun outdoors or any other lights outdoors to use. There is some shadows you do not want in your portrait, so with a reflector, you can get rid of them. For a cloudy day, that would be great time for taking the portrait, because the cloud is a big reflector for your portrait.

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