20 Harsh Realities Of People Dating In Their 30s vs. Dating In Their 60s In 2018

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Dating is tough and complex no matter what our age. We all go through first dates full of small talk and zero real conversation, waiting for people to text (or text back, which can sometimes be even worse), and wondering why we can’t seem to find our soulmate.

Some aspects of dating are classic, like going on a first date, then a second date, then a third date, then a few more dates and hopefully then defining the relationship. Other parts of dating say a lot about our current time period and culture. Dating in 2018, for example, means that you could get ghosted by someone you went out with, and that might not be something that people really talked about before.

If you’re dating in your 30s, maybe you went through a bad breakup and are now on your own again, or you’ve been solo for a while. If you’re dating in your 60s, you might have lost a spouse or have gotten divorced. While there are decades between these two ages, they have one thing in common: there are some tough things about dating during this time of your life. Read on to find out 20 harsh realities of people dating in their 30s vs dating in their 60s in 2018.

Dating In Their 30s: You Have To Deal With Dating Apps

It’s a fact of life these days: people date by using dating apps. There are so many out there and while some are more popular or trendy (or user-friendly) than others, you definitely have a lot of choices.

When you’re dating in your 30s, you have to use dating apps.

Sure, you might not want to go nuts and download a whole bunch of them, but you at least want to use a few.

This is a harsh reality since dating via dating apps can be a really wild ride. There are so many people swiping left and right and there are tons of horror tales out there of dates that didn’t go so well. It can feel boring and tiring to keep swiping, wondering when you’re going to meet your true match.

Dating In Their 60s: You Might Not Want To Use A Dating App Or Try Online Dating

Those dating in their 60s might still consider dating via dating apps or setting up an online dating profile. If this is your experience, then you might have friends who are trying to get you to sign up for a site that worked for them (or a friend of theirs). Or maybe your daughter or son really wants you to meet someone and thinks that a dating app is the best way to go.

You might not be interested in using a dating app and you want to do other things with your time. You might be nervous about essentially meeting a stranger from the Internet, which is what this is.

Dating In Their 30s: Your Friends Are All Getting Engaged And You Feel Left Out

While some people aren’t getting married at all, many couples get engaged once they reach their 30s. It feels like a great time since your careers are mostly squared away and you’re thinking about where the future will lead you.

Being single in your 30s can feel extra tough because everywhere you turn, someone new has just gotten engaged.

Your friends are all in the middle of planning their weddings and you might be a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor for some of them. You’re happy for them, but it definitely sucks to talk about the bad first date that you just went on when they’re staring down happily ever after. You feel left out of the process and wish that you had someone, too.

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