20 Harsh Realities Of People Dating In Their 30s vs. Dating In Their 60s In 2018

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Dating In Their 60s: Your Friends Can’t Relate To The Single Life And Are Grandparents Or Close To It

The 60s are basically the new 40s and many people are looking younger than their age and doing great. They’re working out, keeping busy, trying new things and taking up new hobbies, and enjoying life. It’s super inspiring.

If this is you and you find yourself single in your 60s, either because you’re divorced, you lost a spouse, or you’ve been on your own for a while, you realize pretty quickly that your friends just can’t relate to your situations. They’re married and they could even be grandparents by now. They’re in the midst of happy family times and you’re trying to meet someone.

Dating In Their 30s: You Don’t Want To Be Single And Dating Because You Thought You Would Have Met Someone By Now

Many women feel that by the big 3-0, it’s absolutely time to meet the love of their life. You might feel this way too, and you might feel that dating sucks because you thought you would have met someone by now.

No one really imagines that by their 30th birthday, they’ll still be single.

You hope that with each passing year, you’ll go on enough dates and meet enough people that you’ll have a chance at love. Simply put, you wish that you weren’t single and dating. You wish that you were in a serious relationship or engaged or married.

Dating In Their 60s: You Have A Smaller Dating Pool Because People Are Married

The truth of being in your 60s is that people are married and have been for a while now. The dating pool gets much smaller and even if you do try online dating, it’s possible that you don’t find many people in your area, particularly if you live in a small town or community.

Your friends know a lot of married couples. Even if your kids have some coworkers your age or a bit younger, they could be married as well. It can feel discouraging for sure and it can feel like when you were younger, you had a lot more choice and there were more single people around.

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