5 Myths About Professional Landscape Photographers

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What makes you a professional landscape photographer? Is it the equipment you carry? Money you make? Or just the fact that you teach local photography classes? With the advent of digital photography, the line between professional and amateur photographers has blurred.

Myth #1: Pros shoot with full-frame cameras and only use the best, most expensive equipment.

Let’s face it. We’d all like to have great equipment. But the equipment doesn’t make the photographer. Although both Varina and I do carry the latest equipment such as a mirrorless camera, high-end lenses, Induro Carbon Fiber Tripods, Vu glass filters, and more… but the same equipment is also carried by most of our students. Professional photographers must learn to use the equipment they have as well as understand its shortcomings. Varina and I own crop-factor cameras as well as full-frame ones. We use the crop sensor cameras regularly because they work well for certain situations. We have several great L-series lenses, but we’re perfectly happy with a less-expensive lens if it meets our needs. Take a look at the shot above from Glacier National Park. I took this shot several years ago with a 3-megapixel crop-factor camera. That’s one gorgeous sky, isn’t it? Being a pro isn’t about your equipment. It’s about how you use it.

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