5 Myths About Professional Landscape Photographers

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Myth #2: Pros make a full-time living from photography.

We’ve heard many variations on this theme. Some people believe that a professional must exclusively work as a photographer. Some believe that a pro is someone who makes at least 15% of his income from photography. A few years ago, Varina worked full-time as a photographer with 100% of her income coming from our photography business. She’s clearly a pro, right? At the same time, I worked as a program manager for a company. My income from photography was less than 15% of my total income. Does that make me less of a pro than Varina? We taught together. We wrote eBooks together. We ran our business together – selling prints, teaching workshops, creating educational content, and speaking all over the world about landscape photography. We had similar skill sets. And yet, by some definitions, I wasn’t a pro. Obviously, this definition doesn’t make much sense in that situation.

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