6 Contemporary Landscape Photographers to Strengthen Any Collection

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Candida Hofer (b. 1944)

Another German-born contemporary photographer, Candida Hofer, has been dedicated to photographing what the New York Times indicates is a series of “wide open spaces” for over 35 years across the U.S. and Europe. These spaces include libraries, royal palaces, theaters, and museums.

Hofer, who also studied under the Becher’s, is best known for her large-scale images of empty public places – social and cultural institutions – which address the ways in which these places are designed to house and inform audiences. Her work has been on display in museums like the MoMa and the Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

Collections: Hofer’s work can be viewed in collections at the Biblioteque Nationale de France, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, and the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA, among others across the world.

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