6 Effective Ideas to Capture Amazing Waterfall Photos

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Attention to Details

Depending upon the volume of water, it is quite possible to overexpose the highlights in falling water even if you are shooting in the heavy overcast condition. It is best to check the exposure after each shot and use bracketing if needed. I took two shots to capture the above photo of Metlako Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in heavy overcast conditions. One was exposed for the highlights in the water and the other was exposed for the foliage around the waterfall.


Composition can either make or break your waterfall photos. It is best to avoid distracting elements when photographing the waterfalls. You can also use the cascades at the base of the waterfall to form leading lines. It is not always necessary to photograph the entire waterfall. Sometime a minimalist composition of just part of the waterfall can produce a stunning photo like this shot by Varina Patel from Iceland.

Tall waterfalls often require a vertical composition to capture them properly, however we always make it a point to capture both the vertical and horizontal composition. This allows the flexibility to use the photos for a variety of different projects.

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