6 Steps to Making More Creative Landscape Photographs

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Okay, you’ve learned the basics of how your camera works, you understand the relationship between f-stop, shutter speed and ISO, and you’ve finally made peace with your tripod. So, now what? How do you make more creative landscape photographs?

Creative Landscape Photographs

1. Quiet the technical voice in your head.

You’ve done the work, and you know your camera. You should be able to operate it with your eyes closed. If not, go practice in a darkened space until you are familiar with every single button on your camera. Your camera is supposed to be an extension of your hands. Your workflow should be solid by now, so let your creative voice take the lead. Feel and experience what nature is showing you before you even set up your camera. Be curious. Explore your surroundings. Have faith in what you know technically, but don’t let the technical voice “drive the bus”. 

Creative Landscape Photographs

2. Love the process.

Don’t dwell too much on the outcome of your work. Yes, visualize what you are trying to achieve, but don’t forget to stay in the moment and enjoy the process. Let the work itself be the reward. If you don’t love what you are doing, it will reflect in your images. So, if you are not okay with getting up at ridiculous hours, enduring some physical discomfort or chasing storms, your unhappiness will reflect in the emotional quality of your images. So, have fun! Adjust your experience to your comfort level until you can focus completely on your work and not on your discomfort. 

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