6 Steps to Making More Creative Landscape Photographs

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Creative Landscape Photographs

3. Listen to your inner voice.

Your life experiences, the sum of your existence so far as you’ve walked this planet, will come through in the expression of your photography. You can’t help it. It just will, so tap into that and pay attention to how you are reacting to a scene, then try to communicate it visually. What is moving you emotionally about the scene? Answer that question and focus. You see your surroundings uniquely from everyone around you because you are you. 

4. Live creatively.

Write poetry. Play an instrument. Work in a garden. Make stuff with your hands. Engage with the creative world outside of your photography. You probably already do creative things in your life that don’t even think about! Feed those activities and let them feed your creative soul. Visit art museums. Study the masters and spend time with those works of the great painters, photographers, architects, and sculptures/sculptresses that move you emotionally.

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