7 Simple and Effective Critical Thinking Strategies That Work

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A benefit of critical thinking strategies is a quickly developing independent thinking. Busy teachers and administrators want to make their jobs more effective in a shorter time span. We want our students to think critically and create great solutions. We want to avoid pitfalls along the way if we can. We want to hit all the green lights and enjoy smooth driving.

Critical thinking strategies will get learners to that higher-order thinking destination. Children can be more than passive web-surfers absorbing content. They can engineer their works and apply their learning to real-life situations. It takes a skilled teacher to take them on that journey.

Here are a few critical thinking strategies for taking the first few steps.

6 Fast and Effective Critical Thinking Strategies

Critical thinking is thinking on purpose. It’s clear, rational, logical, and independent thinking. It means thinking in a self-regulated and self-corrective manner. How can we make this happen quickly with our students?

1. Use the right tools

Using technology with students is always a great and engaging idea. That said, it can also be a learning curve. We sometimes assume our digital kids know everything about every app or tool. Not so, unfortunately.

You’ll need to factor in the time to learn how to use a tool or app if needed. Some tools require more skill and experience than others. The added time spent learning to use them could be better spent on a different task. The trick here is to pinpoint in advance which tools you want students to use.


ou can spend a lesson or two on how to use the tech tools properly early in the year. That way they can get working on their own quickly. You can also poll the class or have an open discussion. Which tools are they already most familiar with? Which ones are they most excited about learning with? Choose the right tool and have a plan instead. This can minimize setbacks on the road to success.

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