8 Photographers Who Are Creatively Reimagining the Portrait

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On the Internet, you don’t have to search for very long to find a group of talented photographers who have taken the art of portraiture to new and exciting levels. Now more than ever, photographers are creatively building upon each other’s work, pushing boundaries like never before. Today, we take a look at eight of them. Whether they’re turning the camera on themselves to create striking self portraits or looking at animals from a refreshing perspective, these eight are all reimagining what it means to shoot a portrait.

1. Miss Aniela

In this day and age, there’s no photographer who creates such surreal fashion photos as Miss Aniela. The UK-based photographer is known for her strong portraits that are inspired by her own experiences, as well as dreams, literature and paintings from different genres. In this photo, called Away with the Canaries, Miss Aniela found inspiration in an Old Masters painting by Jean-Baptiste Greuze called A Girl with a Canary and Open Cage. Beautiful yellow birds are seen flying away from a woman’s dress, finally set free.

2. Alex Stoddard

19-year-old Alex Stoddard continues to lead a pack of the young photographers who are changing the way we see self-portraiture. Over the past few years, Stoddard has managed to grow both as a photographer and an artist, bringing fresh ideas to life with a near effortlessness. In this dramatic photo, Stoddard hangs preciously off a cliff, the drama only enhanced by his serious expression. As he states about this shot, “I almost had a heat stroke while taking this, as is evidenced by the color of my face.”

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