Afraid To Admit It: 20 Oopsies I’ve Made In My Past Relationships

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Face it, everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, it is just an annoying part of life that has to happen. No one is perfect. And sometimes mistakes happen in situations with people you care about the most like with family and romantic relationships. Not only have I seen my best friends make tons of mistakes in their own relationships, I’ve made quite a few, too.

Usually, relationships can survive after certain mistakes; it’s how you handle what happens next that matters the most. When mistakes are made during relationships, it’s important to address the wrongdoing and acknowledge that you messed up. Nothing says I’m sorry more than some chocolate covered strawberries and some sweet cuddle time, or you know, whatever you and your partner are in to will work best.

Owning up to your mistakes shows maturity and compassion. Understanding what you did wrong will help you learn not to make those same mistakes again later on down the road. Once you’ve come to the realization that mistakes are going to happen, it’s easier to learn how to move on past the mistakes you or your partner have made. For me, though, admitting to my mistakes is really hard, but I’ve definitely made some major ones over the years. You might actually find you can relate to some of my blunders! Here are 20 oopsies I’ve made in my past relationships.

Falling Too Fast

New relationships are fun and exciting. It’s hard not to get caught up in all the romance and exploration. If you’re like me, then you, too, have a habit of falling too fast.

With new relationships, it’s important to take your time to get to know who someone really is before deciding whether or not they are your one true love.

Though waiting to let the sparks fly can be difficult, it can probably save you from some serious heartbreak. If you take the time to get to know someone, you’ll be able to make an honest and thoughtful decision on where the relationship is supposed to go.

Getting Way Too Clingy

People like their personal space and believe it or not, but people need to breathe. I know, incredible, right? All jokes aside, your partner is going to need some time for themselves now and then. It’s about trusting them to behave even if you’re not around to watch them.

No one likes a clinger. The word itself has a negative meaning; it usually deals with something that is stuck on no matter how hard you desperately try to shake it off. Who would want their partner to think of them that way? Unfortunately, I’ve been known to become a stage five clinger a time or two. I’m working on it, okay?

Complaining About Him To Everyone

Remember, while you will eventually forgive your partner for doing something to hurt you, your friends and family probably never will. In one of my previous relationships, I found myself complaining about my boyfriend about everything to everyone.

It wasn’t like I wanted them to start hating him, but it’s what happened.

I really liked him, but my constant complaining started to really annoy everyone. Some advice – try to keep your minor complaints, like that morning breath or the television hogging, to yourself. Keeping a journal can help you vent things out without creating a hate club for your partner.

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