Experts Reveal These 20 Things That Can Actually Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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According to the list of most-searched questions of 2017 released by Google, “how to make a long distance relationship work?” is the most-searched question in the relationship niche.

So, not only are tons of people in long distance relationships, but they also are optimistic that they can make it work if they just find out how.

That does not surprise us.

Why? Because we are living in a world where it’s easy to have breakfast in Mumbai and then hop onto a flight and reach Dubai before nightfall. Where more and more people are opting to become location-independent workers if their field of work allows for it. Where the geographical boundaries of the country you were born in do not dictate the course of your life or who you get to hang out with.

No wonder the number of people in long distance relationships is increasing exponentially!

If that spiked your blood pressure, calm down. According to a 2014 research that studied 717 individuals engaged in a long distance relationship and 425 individuals in a local relationship, long distance relationships are not at a disadvantage compared to local relationships, and breakups in both types of relationships occur because of individual characteristics rather than the geographical distance between the partners.

So, if you are currently in a long distance relationship, hurray! You have got good odds on your side…at least geographically. And the rest you can make up by doing these 20 things that experts say will make your relationship last forever.

Believe It Can Work

According to Vince Brantley, relationship coach for Maze of Love, if you want to make your long distance relationship work, you really need to believe it will. Instead, if you have a glass-half-full attitude from the get-go, you will definitely have a breakdown in the future.

“The alternative to this is that [the couple] are moving forward, but skeptical along the way. This is a common and unfortunate issue that haunts a lot of long distance relationships. The reality is this: if pre-existing skepticism exists, what would be otherwise minor issues become relationship show-stoppers,” he told Bustle on the subject.

And it makes perfect sense. After all, we all have sabotaged relationships we thought would not work out in the future. And since the probability of miscommunications occurring in a long distance relationship is a lot more than that for local relationships, it pays to part with optimism in your heart.

Believe us, when your boo doesn’t text you back for six hours one day, instead of jumping to the conclusion that he must be cheating on you, if you believe in your relationship, your first reaction would be to worry if he fell sick suddenly.

Set Goals For The Evolution Of Your Relationship Over Time

“Long-distance relationships need to establish and meet their relationship goals in order to prove their viability,” bestselling author and relationship expert, Susan Winter told Bustleon the subject. “These goals can include getting engaged or moving in together. Without these types of concrete markers of advancement, one or both partners could lose faith in the relationship’s future.”

This point hits the bull’s eye when it comes to reasons why relationships eventually fall apart. After all, would you be willing to stick around if you knew your partner was not in it for the long haul?

Absolutely not. You would extricate yourself the first chance you got just so you do not end up wasting months, if not years, of your life in a dead-end relationship!

So, if you are in a long distance relationship, make sure you and your partner sit down and discuss these nitty-gritties before the two of you head off to your individual destinations. And if your partner is reluctant to think so far ahead and begs you to “live in the moment”, it’s best if you two part ways before you get in too deep.

Believe us, regardless of the geographical distance, if he’s in it for the long haul, he will not be afraid of discussing the future with you!

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