Just Because You’re In Love Doesn’t Mean He’s The One (And 15 Other Realities Of Adult Relationships)

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It would be awesome if every relationship worked out and every couple that was once in love stayed that way forever. Unfortunately, that’s just not the way that it goes, and heartbreak is inevitable for some couples. If we’ve watched any romantic comedy (and of course we’ve all watched a lot), then we know that there are so many potential obstacles that can threaten to ruin any love story. From exes that get in the way,┬áto family drama, to commitment issues, it’s almost amazing to think that anyone would ever be able to stay together.

As we grow up and get older, we realize that love stories are not always as simple as the end of the movies would want us to believe. Sure, we hope that we find our person and that nothing will go wrong, but it’s a lot more realistic to expect to have a lot of breakups before getting to that point. There are a lot of things that we have to remember about being in love as a grown-up. These things are not really that fun but they’re helpful and logical (which basically describes adulthood in general). Read on to find out 16 realities of adult relationships.

Your Job Might Get In The Way

If we’re a workaholic and our boyfriend hates his job and complains all the time, that’s going to really wear on our relationship after a while. The same thing is true if it’s the other way around.

Maybe we want to work evenings and weekends so we can get ahead and get a promotion, or we’re determined to get our dream job and know that working super hard is the only way to get there. That would mean, of course, spending a bit less time with our partner, and he might not love that. If he’s not supportive at all and tries to get us to choose him or our career, we might have to say goodbye to him. It doesn’t get more grown-up than that.

You Might Not Be Able To Travel Together

In a perfect world, we would have as much money as our boyfriend and we would both be able to do whatever we wanted. Expensive dinners out on a regular basis? Sure. Tickets to fancy events? No problem. What about twice-yearly vacations? Not a big deal at all and totally doable.

We might get some time off work and plan a trip, but our boyfriend might not be able to come with us. Maybe his finances aren’t in the best shape right now or maybe he doesn’t have any vacation time or things are too crazy busy for him to get away right now. It’s an unfortunate reality of adult relationships that we might not have the same travel budget as our partner, and it definitely sucks.

You Might Dislike Each Other’s Families

We’ve all seen movies where the main character brings their girlfriend or boyfriend home for the holidays… and everything is perfect. Nothing goes wrong, everyone gets along, and there’s just no drama whatsoever. It’s all good food, fancy cocktails, soft music, and everyone is full of the Christmas spirit.

Just kidding. That never happens. Instead, the moms are too overbearing and the dads are kind of mean or checked out and the siblings are all super weird. We don’t always like our partner’s family and we don’t always want to spend time with them. And even if our families are awesome, our boyfriend might not like them all that much. The dream of big family dinners and fun holidays isn’t always possible, and that’s definitely a reality of adult relationships that we have to face.

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