Overlooked reasons why people in happy relationships still cheat

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The good and bad

Natasha Sharma, a therapist and relationship expert based in Toronto, says it’s not smart to box cheaters into one category.

“There’s no ‘bad’ cheater,” she tells Global News. “It’s just a behaviour that is harmful and hurtful. It’s the action that is bad.”

She adds in many cases, cheating has to do with the individual cheater, and not their partner or relationship.

“They have an insecurity,” she says, adding most people who cheat in happy relationships may feel a sense of missing out on an aspect of their lives, or fulfilling something they didn’t get to do in their history of relationships.

Recognizing the signs

Sharma adds that the issue sometimes, when people cheat in happy relationships or marriages, is that the person who is about to cheat may not even realize what’s going on with themselves.

Sometimes, the cause of cheating is more direct. They are unhappy, they aren’t having enough sex or there are issues with communication in the relationship. “Sometimes, cheating is just an expression.”

She says, sometimes, it’s not so obvious or has anything to do with how they act towards you particularly.

“Any major changes that are consistent, like they used to do something and they don’t think it’s fun anymore,” she says, could be a sign.

Or, if your partner is not acting like themselves. Other signs include becoming secretive, unavailable and a sudden change in mood.

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