Shosan’s 5 Points in Buddhist Practice.

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That seems like a short sentence, but there’s a lot of meaning in it. What is separating ourselves from personal views? Personal views are the labels we put on the world and especially on ourselves.

As soon as I label myself as a certain political party, for example, I’m putting myself into a rigid paradigm that doesn’t reflect reality. That’s why people get so attached to such things and they let their common sense go. It often happens that a relationship ends and someone thinks, “What am I if I’m not a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband?” because we create labels and then we attach to them. Whatever small views we have are minor when compared to the actual reality of things. Our whole perception consists of labeling things and putting them into categories because that’s how our brains our wired.

It serves us well in some ways, but in other ways it harms us.

What is oneness? Oneness is a direct perception of reality without being distracted by all the delusions and labels that we put on it. A feeling of oneness is an intuitive understanding that we aren’t separate from our environment and the other beings around us. Our true nature is one with everything and we can have experiences in which we feel that oneness. To be one with everything is to love everything and to feel loved in return.

Free mind from attachment to objects

This leads the mind to more selflessness and less greed. How often do the things we own seem to own us? If my computer broke I would be devastated. But why? It’s an object. Not only is it replaceable, but also most of its functions can be performed on my phone anyway.

We become so attached to objects that we let them consume us. Some people hoard possessions, collecting all they can, doing whatever they have to to get more. We call this the poison of greed. Greed hurts people. It causes mistrust and jealousy and anger. I think it’s true what they say, “The best things in life aren’t things.”

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