Shosan’s 5 Points in Buddhist Practice.

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I get more joy from going for a walk on a warm summer morning than from owning the newest cool gadget. We live in a consumer driven society. Everything I hear and see tells me we should own more to be happy. The things you own end up owning you. If we determine our self worth by how much we own, it will never ever be enough.

Destruction of Evil Passions

The evil passions Shosan is talking about are those negative emotions like greed, lust, jealousy and excessive pride. As we walk the path of Buddhist practice, these passions soften and are overcome. These evil passions have a huge impact on our ability to be compassionate to others. It’s harder to love someone when we are busy being jealous, wishing we had what they have.

These kinds of feelings are fine in small amounts and we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for feeling them, but they don’t serve us well and we need to understand that. Many relationships and friendships are ruined by greed and jealousy. One of the major benefits of Buddhist practice is that these feelings start to soften.

I really like Shosan’s Five Points. He was a down to earth Zen teacher who explained things in ways that were easy to understand.

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