Top 10 Aerial Photography Tips

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2.The magic-hour is golden

Aperture2.8    Shutter Speed1/1800s   ISO100    TypePhantom 3 Advanced
Get up early and make sure to take your photos during the magic-hour! The magic-hour (also known as the golden-hour) is that magical time shortly before sunset and after sunrise. The light will be softer, colors enhanced and everything will just look a thousand times more amazing than usual!

3.Use the grid thingy

Use the grid thingy

Aperture2.8    Shutter Speed1/60s    ISO146    TypePhantom 3 Advanced

Ever noticed how you can enable that weird grid thing on your drone? It is not for upping your bird chasing game, it was added so you can compose your photos using the rule of thirds. There are more detailed explanations available on the rule of thirds and how to apply it, but I recommend you just try it by taking a few photos while using the grid to frame your photo with your subject / focus point on one of the the vertical grid lines or where the lines intersect. Your photos will look more balanced.

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