Top 10 Aerial Photography Tips

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4.Shoot in raw with D-log mode

Shoot in raw with D-log mode

Aperture2.8    Shutter Speed1/1050s    ISO100    TypePhantom 3 Advanced
Switch your drone to capture in raw mode using D-log colour mode, if possible. This seems counter-intuitive as your preview seems washed out and murky, but stick with it! Using this method gives you way more to work with when editing your photo in post-production as it captures the maximum amount of detail possible for the scene you are capturing

5.Bracket your photos (AEB)

Bracket your photos (AEB)

Aperture2.8    Shutter Speed1/1800s    ISO100    TypePhantom 3 Advanced
With so many things to worry about in the air and sun glare messing with your live preview, it can be very difficult to get the correct exposure level for your photos. Luckily we have auto-exposure-bracketing (AEB) ! AEB takes multiple photos of varying exposures, once you have taken your bracketed photos, choose the one with the best exposure or combine all of them into one to create beautiful HDR photos.

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