Top 10 Tips for Healthy Travel

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We’ve had a lot of time to contemplate our travel health and safety these past couple of months. We’ve made trips to the hospital on 5 different continents and realized that we’ve learned a lot so we thought it was time to share our healthy travel tips when traveling abroad.

Healthy Travel Tips

After a decade on the road, we’ve had our share of illnesses, but we’ve always been prepared and kept emergencies to a minimum by following these travel tips to stay healthy when traveling.

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Tips for Healthy Travel when Abroad

It’s important to stay healthy when traveling, but travel can also keep you healthy and happy to.

1. Do your research

When traveling to a foreign country, it’s important to do your research and know the risks before you go.

You may want to ask these questions:

What contagious diseases are easily transmitted through mosquitoes, water, or unsanitary conditions?
What type of climate will you be in? Will there be a risk of heat stroke or sunburn?
Will you be flying into a high elevation creating a risk for altitude sickness?
Will hypothermia be a problem if you are traveling to a cold.
Are there poisonous animals to keep an eye out for and if you come into contact with them, how do you safeguard yourself?

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